Manatee Forest Reserve is offering a total of 300 acres well suited for the growth of rosewood, teak, and other tropical hardwoods. The minimum lot size for purchase is 10 acres (40,468m2), but investors have the option to purchase a larger plot of land. Each acre is available for a listed price of $15,000 USD, putting the minimum package of 10 acres at $150,000 USD. Included in this cost is a three year consultation package wherein Manatee will connect the investor with a forestry management service to clear the land, plant the trees, conduct any required maintenance including thinning, fertilization, and pruning, and, finally, harvesting at the end of the growth cycle.

After the initial three year consultation period, the investor will be given full control of the property allowing any adjustments deemed necessary to be made. This may include changing management companies, discretionary thinning, or repurposing of the land. This also assures that at the end of the growth cycle the profits from all lumber milled and sold are the exclusive property of the investor.

Manatee Forest Reserve is well suited for growing a large variety of tropical hardwoods, but we recommend the planting of high return species such as rosewood, teak, or sandalwood. These particular species are under heavy regulation and are increasingly hard to find making their future return potential extremely valuable. No matter what type of tree you choose to plant and raise, the costs will be included with the purchase of your land. You may take a look at our profiles of each type of wood offered to decide what kind of investment best fits your needs.