Pink Trumpet Tree

 Scientific Name  Common Names  Rotation Cycle  Price/m3
 Tabebuia rosea  Pink Trumpet Tree, May Flower  10 to 25 years  $650-$890





Pink Trumpet Tree is a deciduous tree which grows naturally on Pacific plains, fields and hillsides throughout Costa Rica, Belize and elsewhere in Central and South America. It is famed for its bright pink flowers which bloom between January and April, often attracting hummingbirds. This tree is very fast growing, allowing for it to be harvested for wood in a short period of time. A durable timber can be produced which is prized for use in cabinets, furniture, interior finishing, boat building and heavy construction.


Environment & Growth:

Pink Trumpet Tree is considered an especially fast growing species, in particular when newly planted. They have been known to reach heights exceeding 9 metres after only 3 years growing, and fully grown trees can top 25 metres, with a diameter of 100cm. With regard to altitude, it flourishes at any height up to 1200 metres. Generally, rich and deep soil is considered the best to promote growth and they are common in forests and steep hillsides alike. The beautiful flowers can be as long as 8cm, and are pollinated by insects. These trees are a common decorative feature in gardens and parks due to their big luscious flowers.




Commercial Prospects:

Timber produced from Pink Trumpet Trees bears a close resemblance to oak and is highly prized due to its durability and hardness. It is widely used in the construction industry and is also an extremely popular choice for use in chairs and carts. A cubic metre can fetch as much as $890 on the open market. Another benefit is the relatively quick growth rate, allowing for farmers to turnover a profit in a relatively short space of time when compared to slower growing trees. As a general guide, plantations can yield between 6 and 14 cubic metres of wood per year.