Caribbean Pine

 Scientific Name  Common Names  Rotation Cycle  Price/m3
 Pinus Caribaea  Caribbean pine, Honduras pine  10-15 years  $250-$500





Caribbean pine (Pinus Caribaea) is a species of hard pine that occurs natively in both tropical and subtropical forests throughout Central America.  When fully grown, they can reach heights of 20m to 30m, however specimens 35m high are often reported. They also grow thick, with trunks ranging in diameter from 50cm to 80cm. The heartwood is a fine yellow to golden brown, with visibly lighter sapwood and straight grains. It is used for furniture, pulpwood and to produce resin which can be commercially sold.


Environment & Growth:

It is a fast-growing tree that is considered ideal for cultivation in tropical and subtropical climates. These trees will thrive in areas with sufficient rainfall and satisfactory subsoil drainage, and they are also tolerant to salt winds, allowing them to be planted near the sea.   Belize enjoys a subtropical climate which provides adequate rainfall and ideal soil conditions, making it the perfect location to plant this particular type of pine. The trees can be tapped for resin after 10 years of growth. Harvesting of the trees and processing into pulpwood can occur 10 to 15 years after planting. Plantations usually yield between 12m3 and 15m3 per hectare each year.




Commercial Prospects:

These trees can begin to generate revenue quickly, and the oleoresins can be harvested daily from 10 year old the trees. This resin can be sold to produce gum, turpentine, pesticides, heavy oils and cosmetic products. On average, each tree which is at least 10 years old can produce 25g of resin per day.

The timber is extremely versatile and has many different applications. It is a common choice for furniture, decorative flooring, stairs, timber decking and external doors. Recently, it has been popularised by carpenters who have used it to build hand crafted staircases and interior rails. Industrial production has increased the demand for this particular type of wood, as it is used to produce plywood, fibreboard, veneer, pallets and paper.