Beech Wood

 Scientific Name  Common Names  Rotation Cycle  Price/m3
 Gmelina Arborea  Gmelina, Beech Wood, White Teak, Gamhar  5-8 years  $1500-$2500





Beech Wood (Gmelina Arborea) is a fast growing and versatile wood used for a large variety of purposes including construction, kitchen cabinets, furniture, and musical instruments. Its strength, ease of working, and attractive, consistent, grain has made it immensely popular. Its rapid growth is also valued very highly for sustainable and highly lucrative forestry investments worldwide.




Environment & Growth:

Beech Wood (Gmelina Arborea) is grown in a tropical semi-evergreen environment supporting moist or dry deciduous forests. It is able to flourish in a very large variety of soils, although swampy or thin soil layers are not conducive to growth. General growth rates for this species are three to four meters per year for the first five years followed by one meter per annum after the initial phase of rapid growth. Annual average diameter increases of 5cm have also been reported in some cases. The quick growth of these trees can allow a five to eight year rotation producing anywhere from 25 to 35 cubic meters of lumber per square hectare when properly tended to.




Commercial Prospects:

Beech Wood (Gmelina Arborea) is always in demand because of its wide variety of uses and can sell for up to $2,500 (US) per cubic meter. Widespread manufacture of furniture, homes, and fixtures guarantees a healthy and long-term market for this wood. With consistent growth and timely harvesting, an investment of 10 acres can see a return of $350,000 every five to eight year cycle.